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and v.w. makes that part of traveling easy just because it's available and thousands of hotels resorts and cruise ships worldwide. where have you found a domain sign on the subject or that shows d. w. in your room you could win a great prize d.w. dot com travel quiz. this is deja news live from berlin a show of defiance in buffalo into nearly half a million cattle a separatist take to the streets in support of their region's parliament this comes
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hours after the finest prime minister mariano rajoy and also plans to dissolve catalonia government and call an anti election we'll find out from madrid at buffalo enough what this could mean also coming up. results from elections in the czech republic show the country's next prime minister could be a populist billionaire andre bobbish says he's on opata he wants to take an active role in shaping policy as. i can jump on rap and make it in america. as being in the. in the. first bono the bavarian grand island talk as they take their foreign language flow to the home office if. i'm well come to the program. this week spain gave catalonia an ultimatum withdraw
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your declaration of independence or face the consequences well today prime minister mariano rajoy made good on his warning madrid says it plans to sack catalan leaders in a televised address catalan president colace put on said he would call on his parliament to hold a session to discuss a response to madrid actions large crowds rallied in barcelona to support independence madrid's response is yet another insult hundreds of thousands of separatist demonstrators took to barcelona streets on saturday among them was karla's put him on the catalan leader his supporters later gathered again outside the regional parliament to protest madrid's move to impose central authority. since a possible who knows what without going through the polls with little support and against the will of the majority the government of marianna high wants to appoint a directory to remotely control the life of catalonia from madrid. was harsh in his
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criticism of madrid likening its announcement to spain's fascist dictatorship that ruled the country for much of the twentieth century. the spanish government with the support of the socialist and liberal party has undertaken the worst attack on the institutions and people of catalonia since the decree of the military dictator francisco franco abolishing the government of qatar lonia. spain's prime minister mariano rajoy was likely expecting a strong rebuke from barcelona and triggering article one fifty five of spain's constitution he has turned to what he considers a measure of last resort in the growing political crisis between madrid and barcelona. the autonomy and self governance of colonial will not be suspended it will remove the people that miss government outside the law and the constitution. self governance will not end it will be recovered for the
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sake of its legality and for the coexistence of all catalans not just those who are pro independence. plan foresees catalan affairs coming under madrid's direction regional elections would be held within six months that can only happen if spain senate approves roy's decision to trigger article one fifty five senators are due to vote on friday roy's conservative people's party holds a majority of the senate seats but let's hear about how cuts alone is reacting to these latest moves. so joins me now from buffalo and uprights good to see you so how did people react to what pushed him or had to say. people fell quiet in the square behind me which is the square in front of the government palace right to nine o'clock when he started speaking before the mood
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has been really festive lots of chanting and schlepping and generally enjoying a really revolutionary spirit but then when which the man had finished speaking things sort of fell flat throughout the because we what he had given them well lots of big words but not what they had been waiting for i think that was a real declaration of independence this poisoned chalice he has sort of handed over to parliament problem and will meet on monday and then probably again next week and everybody is still waiting will they do it or will they not do it will they declare really clear independence or not we will see next week the cat and mouse game between barcelona and madrid goes on and so the question now is can push them on and perhaps even the parliament now deliver what catalan separatists are expecting he can't really deliver any more he can deliver emotions he can sort of
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a whip up their feelings he can make them feel great to put him on talked about he in pealing to the people of europe talked about the european nation of how to lonia and however what he can really do is force this through for them because it's quite clear this is what the situation is like money on the heart the prime minister has announced it today and it is a matter of only a few days during the runoff next week that power will be taken away from carlos puts demand and he will have to hand over he will be gone as a political figure so he can talk the talk but he cannot walk the walk he can't deliver what people want madrid will take over by a professional joining us from buffalo and thank you. he has now crossed over to the spanish capital madrid where generalist martin roberts is standing by martin how do you think madrid is likely to react to put it on its latest address well
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r.c. whole thing as barbara said is that he didn't actually mention the word independence which. has most of a pigeon so. many changes in the plan which is for some of. them are. still his right to reply give him a hearing because again they won't proceed you're not hearing what he's got to say first now remains to be seen whether he will actually accept us in that session. repeated an invitation to him to address the marchant and. the first time. so her second time so that's the next step is to see whether he will actually come to enjoy. their testimonies were pretty or intense he was here. but time is ticking by is an election which is set to take place in about six months what does madrid hope to get out of the fresh election in catalonia. well they
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won't says a majority not some. independents and some majority which is not likely to try again until the constitutional or unconstitutional. i mean to be deputy prime minister. as far as they were. there which by the way will you know will still be allowed to mate and so it's officially it's all they can talk about anything they want shorts and remember what i actually read the constitution doesn't parse tree. until the end of the day today or and. it's on since it situations in theory can consider us. against. the situations we look forward to us attention war next. gen list martin roberts joining us from madrid thank you. time now for some other stories making news around the world u.s.
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president donald trump says he will allow the release of long secret files related to john f. kennedy's one thousand nine hundred sixty three assassination next week the truth is expected to include more than thirty thousand classified documents that were previously redacted and three thousand that have been there have never been seen by the public. hundreds have gathered to mourn seven victims of a military attack in egypt's western desert officials say at least fifty four people were killed in a gun battles friday in giza province that's located southwest of cairo militants fired rockets and detonated explosives during a police operation moving in on a suspected hideout. afghanistan's defense ministry says a suicide bomber killed at least fifteen army recruits as they were leaving their base in the capital kabul four others were wounded this latest incident comes at the end of a particularly bloody week in afghanistan seven major attacks have killed almost
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two hundred fifty people since tuesday. populist billionaire has won a resoundingly big tree in the czech republic fundament reelection his are no movement captured seventy eight of the two hundred seats in the lower house of parliament the election results show a shift to the right with four of the top five finishes challenging the traditional mainstream i know now has to look for coalition partners to form a new government. a billionaire touting his business skills to run the country and now andre bobbish has a chance to do just that he ran on a platform promising to slash taxes curbing immigration and preventing deeper integration with the european union but after his victory a slightly different tune. i don't know why so many people say we're an end to european party or a pro europe party. his win comes despite fraud
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charges linked to e.u. subsidies and being ousted as finance minister in may with his party picking up almost thirty percent of the vote bobbish says he's ready to form a coalition government following a fragmented vote that put nine parties in parliament but not all opponents may be willing to join forces the far right s.p.d. picked up just over ten percent of the vote finishing fourth its leader told me repeated his anti immigration stance and called for a referendum to leave the e.u. and the senior partner in the outgoing government the social democrats suffered their worst ever result even though they helped produce a balanced budget and refused to participate in the e.u.'s refugee relocation program but as in other national elections politicians here to draw on euro skepticism and fears of immigrants to rally voters. formula one now and lewis hamilton slashed the track record to claim pole position for sunday's us gone three
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in austin the mercedes drive a can clinch his fourth formula one world cup championship if you score sixteen points more than sebastian vettel who qualified second the german is hamilton's closest rival but fifty nine points behind in the standings with four races remaining. the former head of rio's twenty sixteen olympic games carlos newsman has been released from prison but he's still facing charges for allegedly arranging bribes to bring the games to brazil the seventy five year old newsman seen here in the white t. shirt denies any wrongdoing but prosecutors say he used two million dollars to help win the votes that awarded the summer games to rio. the bavarian band ion's hall zax has made a big impact here in germany with its fusion of rap with classical music now as part of a d w backed initiative it's taking its unique brand of hip hop on the road to the
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place where it all started the united states. do you do do do do do do do do do do . real hip hop straight out of germany and into the hearts of. these rappers from munich a touring the united states. they'll be on the road for a month was saying was yet to step. in it's every band's dream to go into in the usa. come to believe how amazing this is. not only bringing german hip hop to america they're also packing the language the tourist part of a d. w. project to help locals here learn german. from the band. you might expect. with a couple of surprises. hip hop.
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hip hop means i can really let loose means having fun being in the moment when i'm performing on stage. they're winning fans around the world and now we have them in the us the home of hip hop. form. and the dancing and the. other really energetic i mean one difference tremendous lot of on yours one instrument so you don't hear in hip hop very often i was called here i like you know i like the combination. i kind of like a lot. i really like. crossover of styles crossing the atlantic and even the language design i. was.
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well here's a reminder of the top story we're following for you hundreds of thousands of complex separatists took to the streets of boston on a saturday to support their region's parliament the rally came i was up to spanish prime minister mariano rajoy announced plans to dissolve catalonia government and call an early election. there watching due to the news from berlin that's all from us in this hour i remember you can log on to a website that stayed up a dot com to stay updated around the talk with news and information i made a few months thank you for watching. the d.w. media center see it find it here it discover.
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